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Hi, I'm Lorna

Through my treatments I help people look beautiful but more importantly, feel beautiful. Promoting confidence, relieving stress, and bringing wellness to clients is priority. My relationship with my clients is a partnership where we actively pursue their wellness goals, using methods and tools I trust to deliver results. Searching for a spa that can provide the relaxing experience that you seek doesn't have to be an endless quest. You can pay a visit here at So Well Beauty located at @1530 Webster St. Suite B.

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So Well Beauty's Story

Lorna began working in the health, wellness, and beauty industry in 2002 with Massage Therapy and then went on in 2004, to accomplish her Cosmetologist/ Aesthetician license; specializing in Skin Care Treatments from Marinello Schools of Beauty- Napa California.  This brew strong proferssional businesss development that led Lorna to become the experienced Owner of So Well Beauty she is today. So Well Beauty is the perfect day spa for all ages and genders and offers services from Head to Toe. Facials, Waxing, Haircuts, and Microbalding are the main services offered here. Specializing in sensitive skin types whether caused by age, previous burns, acne, ect., So Well Beauty is here to support. 


How can I help you? Feel free to get in touch!

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